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Art & Paintings

See art and paintings at the largest Antique and Arts Centre on the Gold Coast

Transform a bare wall into an eye-catching feature with one of our paintings or prints. Paintings and art can be purchased as an investment, in which case personal taste is not so important, or for enjoyment where decisions are made personal taste.

We have a wide range of art and paintings so you can be sure you’ll find something that will work with your décor and furnishings. Wall mounted paintings and art works can add colour, movement, texture, and balance to a room.

Our art and paintings collection

We have hundreds of paintings, and prints by famous artists available.


Enhance your home with art and/or paintings. When choosing paintings or prints for your home there are several things you should consider.

  • How well it will match with your décor, your personal style or theme.
  • If you have existing paintings, be sure to allow space for each one to ‘shine’.
  • You can create the impression of a larger room by choosing a painting with a distant horizon scene.
  • Size matters! Avoid choosing a small print or painting for a large room and avoid choosing a large print or painting for a small room.
  • Vertical hanging prints/paintings can make a room feel taller and likewise prints/paintings that hang horizontal can create the sense of a room being longer.

Art and paintings can make wonderful thoughtful gifts for the person who has it all. Visit our antique shop and choose from our collection or shop online and we’ll ship locally or worldwide.

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