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Browse our collection of antique furniture at the largest Antique Centre on the Gold Coast

Our collection of antique furniture includes a wide range of tables, mirrors, chests, desks, bureaus, drawers, cabinets, buffets, pedestals and display stands, coffee tables, cocktail cabinets and display cabinets from Europe and Asia. With so much to choose from, it’s easy to style your home with beautiful unique furnishings.

Many people believe that only modern furniture is well suited to a modern or contemporary style home. Not so – these days you can mix and match. There are many reasons why you should consider vintage or antique furniture.

  • Cost

Buying antique furniture doesn’t have to break the budget, in fact in many cases it can be more affordable than new furniture.

  • Quality

They don’t make things like they used to! It’s a phrase often heard about modern mass-produced items, including furniture. Much of our antique furniture has been hand crafted by expert artisans using the best quality materials.

  • Unique

Choose a piece of furniture that is unique. Even if the piece was originally mass produced, chances are there won’t be many around now. Choose well and you won’t need to worry about an item going out of fashion or looking dated because the vintage or antique look can be timeless.

No more wrestling with flatpacks, instructions, tools, and trying to make sense of assembly instructions. When you purchase antique furniture from our antique shop it is typically in one piece

  • Eco friendly

Why not re-use instead of buying a new item that has likely been mass produced and imported.

Show off your own style with antique furniture

We’re happy to help you choose the right piece or pieces for your home or office. We add to our stock frequently so if you can’t find what you’re looking for or if you’re after something specific, let us know.

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