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Looking for antique mirrors on the Gold Coast?

Glass mirrors were first used in the mid 1600’s and were small and expensive. Over time, they were made to be larger and included ornate frames made from various materials to make them more attractive.

Antique mirrors typically have distinctive features and characters which makes them attractive to collectors. Unlike modern mirrors which use an aluminium backing, antique mirrors were generally backed with silver.

Making the best use of antique mirrors

Mirrors can be a great way to instantly make a small room feel bigger. Increase the natural light of a room by placing the mirror opposite a window.

Antique mirrors can make a decorative addition to a bare wall by adding dimension. An elegant, bold, or classic antique mirror can be treated the same way as would a painting.


Tips for buying antique mirrors

  • An antique mirror with the original glass will have a higher price tag than an original antique frame that has the mirror glass replaced. Over time, the silver mercury used as the backing on antique mirrors, oxidises causing cloudy patches on the glass.
  • It is typical and natural of antique mirror frames to have some imperfections but so longs as they have been treated correctly it should not substantially affect its value.
  • To age a mirror, check on the rear to see if it has wood backing or paper backing. Antique mirrors usually have a wood backing. Antique mirrors sometimes have the makers name and origin of manufacture written on them.

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Whether you’re looking for an antique mirror as an investment piece or to add some sparkle or panache to your home, why not come in and browse our collection. We add to our collection on a regular basis, so please ask us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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