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See our collection of sculptures at the biggest Runaway Bay Antique and Arts Centre antique shop on the Gold Coast

Sculptures have been created for centuries by many civilizations around the world as a 3-dimensional representation of a person or object. Famous sculptures include Michelangelo’s marble carved statue of David and the mysterious Easter Island stone heads.

At Runaway Bay Antique and Arts Centre our collection of antique and collectable sculptures and figurines include pieces such as classic bronze look figures, art deco pieces, ivory figurines, and sculptures made from brass, wood, marble, stoneware, and resin. We stock classic sculptures, abstract sculptures, and unusual sculptures.

A sculpture can be a great way to add a little touch of flair to your home or office. A beautiful sculpture combined with a suitable rug can be all it takes to transform a dull room into one that’s warm and welcoming. Ideally choose a sculpture that stands out enough to break up the room without dominating it.


You don’t need to be an ‘artistic’ type to choose and appreciate a sculpture, the first rule of thumb is, unless you’re buying a sculpture as an investment, to make sure you like it! Have an idea of where you might place it and the lighting in that area. A sculpture might look amazing under a light in an antique shop, but it might not look as good if you display it in a dull corner. You should also consider the size of the sculpture and the size of the room it will be going in to make sure your room has balance.

Pay a visit and experience the huge range on offer at Runaway Bay Antique and Arts Centre on the Gold Coast. We open every day and there’s convenient free parking right out front. Join our email list to receive regular news updates of new stock or visit us in person. We offer a shipping service for people purchasing from interstate or overseas or local Gold Coast residents who want to purchase an item as a gift and have it sent interstate or overseas.

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